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Over 250 Fabulous Ice Cream Flavors!

Over 250 Fabulous Ice Cream Flavors Frosty Frog Creamery & Café !

Frosty Frog Creamery & Café makes over 250 wonderful flavors of ice cream, sherbets, sorbet and no-sugar-added ice creams–with 32 smooth and creamy flavors available every day.

All of our award-winning ice cream is made right inside our restaurant using the finest ingredients and our original recipes. Only the freshest fruits and rich ingredients are chosen at the height of the season, delivering an unequaled ice cream treat for you!

Take me to the complete flavor list of rich ice cream, sherbets, sorbet and no-sugar-added ice creams!Six scoops in cake cones

Have your ice cream served just the way you like it!

Ice Cream Cone at Frosty Frog Creamery & CafeHave it Your Way!!

The way we dip our ice cream is unique.

  • Cones
  • Cups
  • Sundaes
  • Old-fashioned sodas
  • Milkshakes & malts
  • Banana splits
  • Ice cream cakes
  • On a slice of homemade pie or cake

The way we dip our ice cream is unique. Our small sugar, cake and waffle cones and our small cup, traditionally known as a single dip, have two hand-dipped scoops of ice cream so that you can choose two flavors if you desire.

Cone or Bowl?

Cone or Bowl?

TIce Cream in a bowl he choice is yours. We have a wide selection of cones for you to choose from.

Waffle Cones

We bake our own waffle cones so the freshest cone can be paired with your choice of delicious ice cream. Choose a handmade waffle cone to go with the finest ice cream you will ever taste.

Sugar & Cake Cones

All of our ice creams, sorbets and sherbets can be served in either a sugar cone or a cake cone or, if you prefer, in a cup.

Ice Cream in a Cup or Bowl

Create your own special treat with a wide selection of delectable toppings.

Sundaes & Banana Splits


Our standard sundaes include three scoops of ice cream and toppings of your choice.

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes

Add a delicious brownie to your hot fudge sundae.

Bull Frog Sundae

We call it The Bull Frog Sundae because it is the largest sundae available at Frosty Frog Creamery & Café. 12 scoops of ice cream make it family-sized–you choose the flavors! Select from a wide variety of scrumptious toppings such as fresh fruit, whipped cream and nuts. Bring help with this sundae… You’ll need it!

Banana Split

Our traditional banana split has three scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry), banana, toppings of crushed pineapple, strawberries and hot fudge,

Ice Cream Sundae

with whipped cream topped with a cherry and crushed peanuts (if you desire).

My Way Banana Split

The only thing traditional about this banana split is the banana! Everything else is your choice–ice cream and toppings with the banana, whipped cream, cherry and nuts (if you desire).

Milkshakes & Malts

Milkshakes & MaltsMilkshakes & Malts

All of our milkshakes are hand-dipped from any of the ice cream choices that are available that day. We make our milkshakes, malts and old-fashioned sodas and floats individually so that your ice cream drink is made just the way you want it!



Real Fruit SmoothiesWe use real fruit in our fruit Smoothies!

Smoothie flavors:

  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Exotic Blast
  • Intense Green Apple
  • Four Berry



Sorbets and SherbetsOur sorbets are a perfect treat for those who desire a lactose free frozen dessert! We make a variety of delicious and fruity sorbet flavors. Sorbets contain NO milk or butterfat, and are both a palate cleanser and a refreshing dessert! Sorbets are always available.


Sherbets are made with milk products, but contain only 1% butterfat, and deliver a delightful dessert experience when you desire something a little lighter than ice cream. Sherbets are always available.

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