Why the name Frosty Frog?

Every business has to have a name, and every business owner wants that name to be something memorable. The name should also tell a little about the business, or create a curiosity that will bring customers in the door. We think we accomplished both of these goals with the name Frosty Frog Creamery & Café.

Where did the name Frosty Frog Creamery come from?

We were just days away from signing our first lease on commercial space for the restaurant and still did not have a name that was suitable. Glenda and I had worked on naming the restaurant, but had not come up with the ‘one’ that we thought would make us memorable. As the date for signing the lease grew closer, the pressure grew on finding that one name that would work. During a session of brainstorming names while driving home from church services, I tossed out candidate names that Glenda eliminated one after the other until I gave her ‘Frosty Frog’… at that point she told me that was it! We now had a name!

Why ice cream, specialty coffee, desserts and deli style meals?

When we decided to open a restaurant, we first determined that we wanted to be unique in our offerings, make everything from scratch and to be a family style restaurant that was an environment that made everyone comfortable. Comfort foods seemed to us to be a natural fit for that model. Almost everyone loves ice cream, especially really good ice cream! Great coffee is sometimes hard to find, and the major players in the coffee house business have made that somewhat intimidating to the average person…we make it comfortable. A good sandwich, a fresh salad and a steaming hot bowl of soup make most of us feel ‘at home’.

Do you really make your own Ice Cream?

Absolutely! We make our ice cream from the freshest and finest ingredients that we can obtain. The cream base that we use for our ice cream is a 16% butterfat content that results in a superior tasting and exquisitely creamy gourmet ice cream. Everything is better used at it’s peak, so, making our ice cream provides our customers with a great taste and a great value!

Why don’t you share your recipes for your Chicken Salad and Cheese Spread?

We do not share recipes for our signature items just as you would not expect to receive Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders secret recipe.

When are you going to open another store in our (pick one) area?

We are looking into several possibilities; however, we are being very deliberate in making site choices. Don’t give up! We could show up in a neighborhood near you very soon. Additionally, we will be offering franchising opportunities in the very near future!

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