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January 2012 Newsletter



First and foremost let me THANK YOU for being our guests during 2011 and tell you how much we look forward to serving you in this New Year!  We are planning many fun and exciting things for 2012 and will be filling you in on what is happening each month in our newsletter.   CLICK HERE to access the entire newsletter!

No Peeking $5,000 Giveaway!!!

During December we again distributed our NO PEEKING envelopes for this years giveaway.  Now is the time to bring your UNOPENED envelope back to Frosty Frog to see what gift you will receive!  Discounts – Gift Certificates – Prizes!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this annual Giveaway!

COFFEE BEAN Caucus set to begin!

It is a presidential election year, and the Georgia presidential primary will be held March 6, 2012.  We will be guaging the political climate in Hickory Flat with our COFFEE BEAN CAUCUS.  CLICK HERE to learn more!

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